THE SOUND OF SHADOW – 16 Projections in Space, 3 Movements in Time, 1 Silence, 2010

A splendid revival for the ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ in Amsterdam: 16 autonomous, especially commissioned (new) media art works are presented in a ‘symikony’, a carefully composed concert for images without sound. 5, 6 and 7 May 2010 in Het Machinegebouw and Het Ketelhuis (Westergasterrein).

THE SHADOW OF SILENCE (2’19”, 4:3) Daniëlle Davidson  

Where do the boundaries lay between the individual and the masses? What is the impact of the masses on the actions and thoughts of the individual? Does an individual, functioning in a given system, still have a choice? An urban environment (the ant heap of the city) is interesting; how is it possible that in the city, where many ‘cells’ are alive, loneliness is experienced? How does the city ‘flow’ ? In the streams of commuters travelling each day by tram and metro there is a particular system to be found.