Uitnodiging performance 28-3-2018 OT301

Graag nodig ik jullie uit voor een performance avond in Amsterdam!
Dit is bij OT301 op de Overtoom 301,
Doors open: 20:15 Starts: 20:30 hrs Entrance: 7 euro
Ik zal daar om 20:30 uur een performance doen met Marianthi Michailidou – performance en James Hewitt – viool .
Liefs Danielle

Set 1
Marianthi Michailidou – performance and James Hewitt – violin, Danielle Davidson- visuals

Set 2

Robbert van Hulzen – drums and Irina Sentjabowa – performance

Set 3
“Me an Idiot” by Luis Lara Malvacias
In Psychology, Melancholia is a state directly linked with the “missing object” that we can’t have and for which we regularly mourn. I am a Venezuelan therefore, who I am? In this work, I am interested in researching culture, gender, environment, and place as my “missing objects.”

Lights by Ellen Knops

Doors open: 20:15 Starts: 20:30 hrs Entrance: 7 euro

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MusicDance301/
See new webpage! https://musicdance.net/calendar/

The series Music Dance 301 (MD301) was created in direct response to a need for public and artists to re-consider and re-present dance/music performance within a contemporary context. MD301 series presents improvised performance with an explicit choreographic/composition approach as well as set works that have as main focus the relationship movement-sound. The series invites local and international artists to perform. These artists share the aim to question how to compose and execute a visual and sonic piece under the scrutiny of a public as witness.
Thanks to Katie’s sunday sessions and Ellen for supporting these events.

Mailing list and reservations: ot301md@gmail.com

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