On this page you can find information about my work as a cultural facilitator for community projects, charities and foundations

VrolijkWerk_Page_12015 Involved with the NGO Vrolijk Werk

2015 Involved with the NGO Vrolijk Werk

I was involved in setting up the social media, developing the strategy and fundraising for NGO Vrolijk Werk; a sustainable social workplace for design products made by woman. Please visit their site or Facebook page.

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2014 – 2015 project developer of PuntZuid, Buurthuis van de Toekomst,

(Community Centre for the Future), The Hague

Buurthuis van de Toekomst translates as Community Centre for the Future. This is a new meeting place for various activities such as yoga, breakdance, and more. As the project developer of “PuntZuid”, I was responsible for creating the concept of this meeting place and developing and organizing the content of the programme. For more information see http://www.puntzuid.nl 


2011 – 2013 Project leader at ‘de Bibliotheek voor Ondernemers’  (The library for entrepreneurs)

For Cybersoek and the SIOB (now KB) I was the project leader of ‘de Bibliotheek voor Ondernemers’ (The Library for Entrepeneurs). Together with Heleen Snoep we set up the programme, made an online toolkit for the libraries and we gave workshops all over the country in collaboration with the PSO’s (local organisations). This project is ongoing and is now organized by the PSO’s and the KB.

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Project leader and producer for digital instruction films for public libraries.

I developed 10 different video instructions with handouts on social media and online media for entrepreneurs. You can find them online!

Onderneemdigitaal.nl2011-2013 Project leader at Cybersoek for Entrepreneurs, Amsterdam

This programme is ongoing at Cybersoek, Amsterdam, you can find their current programme here.