Curriculum Vitae Daniëlle Davidson (1981)


2006 – 2008
Dutch Art Institute (DAI), Master Degree obtained in Enschede

2004 – 2006
School of the Arts (HKU) (degree), first degree teacher training drawing, visual arts, media and art history, CKV 1,2,3

1999 – 2003
Academie Minerva Groningen (certificate) Drawing, Painting and Graphics

Participation in exchange Californian College of Arts (CCA) in Oakland / San Francisco (USA)

In addition, various courses and seminars

Prizes and Grants

Funding from Kingdom of the Nederlands consulate Rio de Janairo for Poexistence

Stroom Spot subsidie 

Funding Gemeente Den Haag, Makersregeling 

Funding Gemeente Den Haag, Investeren in  Cultuur 

Stroom Spot subsidy

Stroom Spot subsidy

Culture – participation prize for the project Bemin with Esmeralda Detmers

Subsidising broedplaatsen for Glacialen en Stadialen group show and performances at Quartair

Film ‘Make Jewish Babies?’, played on the FESTROIA film festival in Setubal, Portugal and at the Aspecty festival in Poland. On invitation we were a week in Setubal during the filmfestival. There we received the prize for the most original documentary.

Film Fund contribution for the realization of post-production film “Make Jewish Babies?”

BKVB “LIVE” Contribution to the realization of the film “Make Babies Jewish?”

AFK Contribution to the realization of the film “Make Babies Jewish?” For the exhibition at the CBK south east, Amsterdam

Nomination for Black Magic Woman Award 2008

Dooyenwaardstipendium, Workshop + housing allowance for one year included in Blaricum

Groot Brugmansfonds for education at CCA, San Francisco

Selection of exhibitions


Online performances with the What IIIF? Nowhere & Everywhere network. Online research group, every week.  


Chaos in de Orde, Utrecht, Netherlands, Opening painting performance with Rachel Levi during the opening of the festival in the Fabrique, Utrecht.  Including solo show with 30 paintings. 

Jazzist Loevesteinsessies #12: Bluer Than Velvet,  The Hague, Nederland Performance with Ella Empress and Oorcontact 

Performance in Golfcontainer during Houtfestival, organised by Nieuwe Vide en Golffestival Haarlem, Netherlands, Oorcontact en Daniëlle Davidson

Kunst aan de Vaart Assen, openings-performance and residence. Nederland 

Open Studios The Hague, Lissabonplein The Hague 2019


Bemin, Stille Veerkade 19 Den Haag, The Netherlands – Interactive art experience. A cooperative work with a working period of 3 months. Exhibition > visitors get an insight in the life of sexworkers. Also there was a video projection of Danielle Davidson i.s.m. oorcontact. Concept, Esmeralda Detmers – Visueel en beeldend kunstenaar, Daniëlle Davidson – Decor, Jaap Neefje – Audiokunstenaar, Rob Bothof

Performance OT301 Amsterdam, i.s.m. Marianthi Michailidou en James Hewitt – viool. 

Performance during the Chamber Music Festival Royal Conservatoire, The Hague


Performance NIAS institute Amsterdam, Netherlands, Improvisation Performance Daniëlle Davidson with composer Reiko Yamada 24 november 20:00 NIAS in Amsterdam. On piano and electronic.

Glacialen en Stadialen, Quartair, The Hague, Performances Improvised compositions  in image and sound “Ode aan Quartair” (subsidie broedplaatsen toegekend) 2 september 2017

Whispering Wall, The Hague –painting and sound performances, Daniëlle Davidson with Oorcontact , Ella Keijzer en Vilt aan Zee, 13 mei 2017

Performance during the chamber music festival Koninklijk Conservatorium, The Hague, Daniëlle Davidson Live-painting performance in de Schönbergzaal with musician, 23 april

Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag Installation in the Art museum in Den Haag : Daniëlle Davidson met Oorcontact en Vilt aan Zee, 5 april

Amsterdam, studio De Eeester Research lab at Interdisciplinary Instant Composition, with theater makers and dancers, 13 maart


Museum Volkenkunde and the Oude Sterrewacht Leiden during Nacht voor Kunst en Kennis 2015/ 2016 Solo-installatie stopmotion tekenen/schilderen with show.

Congres Orde van den Prince, (OVDP) Live drawing during the performance of o.a. dhr. Aus Greidanus, acteur en regisseur, mr. Piet Hein Donner, vice-voorzitter Raad van State.


Arteriet, Kristiansand, Noorwegen, artist unknown, groepsexpositie september 2015

Painting and stopmotion for the  Willemsparkschool Den Haag.

Nacht van Kunst en Kennis, Stopmotion installatie in the Oude Sterrewacht. 19 september Leiden

Exhibition Galerie Eenhoorn, WTS Advocaten Den Haag, opening op 8 april


Spacious Space, February 22 – April 12, Art Gallery Koenders Makelaardij, The Hague, The Netherlands


Film ‘Make Jewish Babies?’ shown at FESTROIA film festival in Setubal, Portugal and the  Aspecty festival in Poland.

Film ‘Make Jewish Babies?’ is  2 times broadcasted by the Joodse Omroep at Ned. 2 2012 and was part of Holland Doc NPO 2, Hilversum Filmproject

Installation in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag


HC The Hague church


Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, festival Picnic, with the collective Nou & Herkauw, live drawing-animaties 

Organisation and participation in project “The Sound of Shadow” and Gashouder Ketelhuis. Installatie with 16 silent films were projected.

Participation Atelierroute Amsterdam-oost, screening animations in Studio K 2009


Green Fingers, Exhibition at the Amstel, Place Foundation in collaboration with Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. (funding AFK) 


Nomination, Black Magic Woman Award, Truth and Other Tales, CBK South – East, Amsterdam, Finance Ring of the AFK

Minerva 10 years and Dooyenwaard Stipend, Studio 2000, Blaricum and Academy Minerva, Groningen, publication.


Arthouse SYB, Beetsterzwaag, 1 month residency.

“Here as the Center of the World” project, Villa de Bank, Enschede, publication. (DAI)

“Here as the Center of the World” project, Khartoum (Sudan) (DAI)


Residence ArtLink 1 month, Intervention in Majdanpek (Serbia), exhibition and publication.

Solo exhibition, The Art Place, Active Art Foundation, “Danielle Davidson”

Czech Republic, Olomouc work period of 2 weeks after the work is exhibited in Olomouc, Prague in the parliament building in Brno. Collaboration, Gallery G, the project was called “pro cloveka Misto”.


Exhibition at a conference of CSR Netherlands, Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam

Huizer Museum “Schouten House,” Faith, Hope, Love

The Art Place Veenendaal, “From source Veense”

International exchanges/ artists in residences

Kunst aan de Vaart, Assen, Artist in Residence during Kunst aan de vaart 13, 14, 15 sept + period before

Artist and teacher at the International Art Festival China/ ICAF

Kunsthuis Syb, Beetsterzwaag, The Expanding Pie– a project about economy with the  Dutch Art Institute 25 april t/m 27 May in Kunsthuis Syb Nederland

Khartoum, Sudan en Villa de Bank, Enschede, “Here as the Centre of the World” project, (Dutch Art Institute/ DAI) Khartoum, Sudan

Residence Artlink (Servië) 1 month, Intervention in Majdanpek

Exhibition and publication project “Misto pro cloveka” in Olomouc, Tsjechië, workperiod (2 weeks)

Galerie G: “Misto pro cloveka”  and in Praha in the  parliament building and in Brno

Selection of publications 

Guest at the makers podcast

Publication interview Kunst aan de Vaart, Assen 2019 editie 13 (foto’s) Radio: De wekelijkse column, het Vrolijk Intermezzo, 11:30 uur bij Den Haag FM. Haag FM, Den HaagRadio

Begrenzingen en vrijheid in de schilderijen, tekeningen en films van Daniëlle Davidson; Drs N. Hermans, Kunsthistoricus en Aica-journaliste Den Haag 19 maart 2016 DD, Den Haag Artikel

Publicatie project NI-C-OS in Urban magazine, Art and Architecture, Georgia, New Image – Constellation of Space.

MO- daily Mondiaal Nieuws Hoe Israël jonge Amerikaanse zieltjes wint, Felix Braeckman uit België daily Mondiaal Nieuws. Artikel


The times of Israel, Dutch Jews face likely closure of only community broadcaster, Chaan Liphshiz ; SwanSong for Dutch broadcaster, The Australian Jewish News, ChaJTA en anderen. Artikelen

2012, Publication interview during the FESTROIA film festival in Setubal.

2008, Before the trip, Publicatie DAI

2007, Here as the Centre of the World: Khartoum
By Schleijpen & Thijsen |  April 2007 Nafas Art Magazine

Recidence Artlink 1 maand, Intervention in Majdanpek (Servië), 1 month working period, exhibition and publication.

Tsjechië, workperiod of 2 weeks, in cooperation with gallery K, after that the work was shown in Olomouc, Prague in the parliament building and in Brno The project was named,  “Misto pro cloveka”. Including publication

Noem het maar liever lelijk, Hei en wei, April 2005, nr 28409-09-04, Gelderlander, Expositie. Kunstplaats, een plek voor een mensen die er niet is.


Artolive Online, Nederland

SaatchiOnline, Verenigde Staten ://

SBK Online, Nederland ://


Other activities

2018 – now Verhaal Verbeeld

2011 – now Education in painting, drawing, stopmotion, film, CKV

2006 – now Film commissions

2014 – 2016 Board Member NGO de Cantaloup, Den Haag

2014 – 2015 Project Leader  PuntZuid. As a social innovator I created this MFA in Bezuidenhout Den Haag

2014 – 2015 Thinktank and worked for Vrolijk Werk

2011 – 2013 Project organization and coordination ‘De Bibliotheek voor Ondernemers’ throughout the Netherlands at the public libraries. (training, website, project) Cybersoek / SIOB as partners

2010 – 2012 Project and coordinator, Open Entry Entrepreneurs, Cybersoek, Amsterdam 2010 – present Project Social and social activation projects  Cybersoek, Amsterdam

2007 – 2012 Supervisor for SNP travel, hiking and cultural tours to various countries, including Norway, Cyprus, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Montenegro

2006 – present Organizing and providing courses for Alpine Climbing and Mountaineering Association of the Dutch.

Commission work for NWO,  IVRM, communication bureau, Oxfam Novib Den Haag, drawings, Gezond wonen, Groningen, Wessel Tideman & Sassen (WTS) Advocaten, Haagse Schoolvereniging, Willemsparkschool Den Haag, Primum, Aveco de Bondt Amersfoort.

Film for the NGO Toverbosch and the Bokkepootjes Fire shows

Film for Zonta District 29 Jane M. Clausmann Award 

Stopmotion film for IVRM 

Korte film over het Kamermuziekfestival Haagse Hout. Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag, i.s.m. Kunstpost, Diamant theater. 

Short film about researcher wetenschapper Rob Verpoorte.

2016 Short film about researcher and photographer Jan van der Greef 

Short film about Zonta Jane M. Klausman Award

Short documentary voor Stichting Vrolijk Werk

Crowdfund Filmfor on the platform “voor je buurt”

18 Short inspiration and instruction films for the public library, Coordination concept en production,

Regie and production 6 short films ‘Mag ik naar huis’ a guerrilla action of Church in Action. Broadcasted by the Dutch television.

Guerilla film for Pleeggezin gezocht. 

Project Oude verhalen, Jonge verbeelding on 3 schools in The Hague.

Teacher for 789 Art + online art lessons to Chinese kinderen.

Deelname aan film door gemeente Den Haag en cultuurschakel about teaching projects

798 ICAF Als kunstenaar/ docent betrokken bij Internationaal festival China, ICAF wekelijks online lessen over stopmotion, portret schilderen en ruimtes vervormen in een schilderij Lessen muurschilderen en stopmotion onderwezen op Willemsparkschool.

Serie of lessons wallpaiting and stopmotion for the Willemsparkschool

Serie of lessons for the Hoogstratenschool, Den Haag for the project Oude Verhalen, Jonge Verbeelding, Kunstpost Den Haag. 

2014 – heden Verschillende schilder, stopmotion en film workshops op diverse scholen in Den Haag en Amsterdam voor Kunstgras. 

Workshops and courses for Cybersoek, Amsterdam

Organization and implementation of the Children Press Office on the OBS, the Equator 10 times

Course Entertainment and Fashion Magazine at Club Nowhere, 8x

Animation Workshop for the Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, March VMBO.

2 times a Film Project week for students from 3 HAVO / VWO Altra College Amsterdam Organization, coordination and implementation in collaboration with two colleagues

Video workshop for Catch Cyber ​​Souk, in collaboration NOVA College Amsterdam x 12

Work as a substitute, Fons Vitae Lyceum, Amsterdam, Drawing, 1,2,3 CKV

Freelance instructor for a look at artificial turf, Haarlem. Lessons series animation and painting and drawing

Committed Individual Artistic Secondary Education (IVKO), final exams VMBO

drawing and painting courses for SWO, Amstelveen

Wall Painting for Unive, because of jubileum

2005 + 2006
Internship at IVKO, a number of different projects

Taught at the initial HKU, art appreciation classes

painting workshop for high school students in Veenendaal, with Active Arts Foundation

Wall Painting for language school, 250 x 200 cm, Cusco Peru