About Esmeralda Detmers and Daniëlle Davidson

Esmeralda Detmers (1966): theatre maker, actress and drama teacher.

Esmeralda uses her profession as an art or as an art-craft to give people a skill. Through her approach, she inspires and develops unknown talents in a save and creative environment.  Form this material she creates a kind of fairytale experience with professionals and amateurs. She works with different art disciplines and culture groups, like street-children and orphans in Romania, illiterate immigrants and elderly with Alzheimer. Although these groups are vulnerable, she always strives for a high professional quality in her location-performances. 

Therefore she likes to work together with professionals in different art-disciplines, like dance, music, voice, visual and audio art. In 2018 her project ‘Be-Min’ (Be-Loved) with ten sex-workers won the Golden C of the ‘Fonds van Cultuurparticipatie’ of the Netherlands. It was a theatrical art project to make the audience aware of the stigmatization of sex-workers in Den Hague.

Her strength is that she is not afraid to work with difficult social subjects and transform these to an accessible performance where the audience is able to reflect on their own feelings, ideas or judgment. 

“ I am very sensible to atmosphere. I have a kind of awareness what this atmosphere in space or location awakens any kind of expression; like feelings or emotions. Using this awareness and empathy I put the audience in a kind of atmosphere that influents their state of mind. So hopefully they can see a difficult social subject from a different kind of viewpoint.” – Esmeralda – 

Daniëlle Davidson (1981)  visual artist and works with painting, drawing and film.

Daniëlle Davidson is a visual artist who worked in a wide network and was involved in many international art projects where she worked with a lot of other international professional artists. Often the goal was to make a connection with the surrounding and the community. These involved working periods for instance in Serbia, Sudan, Portugal Czech republic, where she worked in cooperative projects.  She trained as an artist at Minerva Academie in Groningen and CCAC in San Francisco. She was awarded with the Dooyewaard stipend and a year’s stay in the Blaricum Artist in Residency programme. She obtained her Master of Fine Arts at The Dutch Art Institute where she also met many international artist. Some of them she would like to invite in this project as well. As an artist she is fascinated by the concept of space; the natural space, the artificial space, the city, architecture and living spaces. Through the means of painting, drawing, live performances in combination with drawing and video, she explores spaces in transformation and how individuals interact with their surroundings. In this project ‘Follow the dots’ this interest and the wish to work together with other artists comes together.

She performs in different cooperations with theatermakers and musicians at festivals and shows her visual work regularly. She directed the acclaimed documentary Make Jewish babies? This was broadcast a number of times on Dutch national TV by NPO and screened at numerous European film festivals. She lives with her 3 children and partner in The Hague.  

“In this new situation I try to zoom out to see what really happens and to see it in perspective. Where are we working on as a community and individuals. I try to give a possible inspiring view on this changing world..” – Daniëlle –