De afgelopen 10 jaar heb ik diverse filmprojecten gedaan. Animatie, documentaire en korte videos in opdracht Op deze pagina wat voorbeelden.

The last 10 years I worked with film, documentary, animation and short commissioned work. As well I use it in my art. Here some examples.

Every year thousands of Jewish youngsters from around the world travel cost free to Israel to learn more about their promised land. In the documentary Make Jewish Babies? the sisters Daniëlle, Evelien and Marianne Davidson capture their experiences of this special visit on film.

The three twentysomethings are of Jewish descent, but it had hitherto little significance for them: they didn’t have a specifically Jewish or religious upbringing and until recently they had never even been in a synagogue. During this journey they find out what Jewishness means for them. The documentary, ‘Make Jewish Babies?’ was broadcast on Dutch National TV by NPO.