Ik teken en schilder live in interactie met muzikanten en andere improvisatoren. Deze performance wordt tegelijkertijd geregistreerd op video en geprojecteerd. De projectie verandert continue van gedaante en lijkt mee te bewegen. Geluid, verf, stiften, potlood, kleuren en plamuurmes maken dat er indringende, verrassende en ietwat bevreemdende muziekbeelden en beeldmuziek ontstaan. Het tijdselement is wezenlijk in deze performance evenals geluid is het schilderen tijdsgebonden, maar het laat een spoor achter, je kan de geschiedenis herleiden. Schaalvervorming, de interactie van beeld en geluid, maken dat je in de installatie wordt meegetrokken en blijft kijken.

Ik werk samen met verschillende muzikanten en performers zoals Oorcontact, Hans van der Maas, Rachel Levi, Reiko Yamada en Ella Empress.


In my paintings and drawings I look for clarity, while I want to get lost. An element in my work are performances, I draw and paint live in interaction with musicians and other improvisers. This performance is registered, recorded on video and projected. The projection continues to change shape and seems to move with it. Sound, paint, markers, pencil, colours and putty knife create intense, surprising musical images and visual music. The time element is essential in this version, just like sound, painting is time-bound, it leaves a trace, you can trace history. Scale distortion, the interaction of image and sound, so you will be dragged along in the installation.

On this page you can find as well socially engaged and collaborative projects that I have been involved in over the years.


Every year thousands of Jewish youngsters from around the world travel cost free to Israel to learn more about their promised land. In the documentary Make Jewish Babies? the sisters Daniëlle, Evelien and Marianne Davidson capture their experiences of this special visit on film.

The three twentysomethings are of Jewish descent, but it had hitherto little significance for them: they didn’t have a specifically Jewish or religious upbringing and until recently they had never even been in a synagogue. During this journey they find out what Jewishness means for them. The documentary, ‘Make Jewish Babies?’ was broadcast on Dutch National TV by NPO.


MAKE JEWISH BABIES? at the Black Magic Woman Festival 2008, Installation Daniëlle Davidson

As research for her documentary film Make Jewish Babies? Daniëlle followed lectures on Jewish Philosophy at the UVA. These drawings where her lecture notes. She presented them in an installation at the Black Magic Woman Festival, where the work was nominated for The Black Magic Woman Award. The drawings were published as an inlay poster in her publication You Could Tell Me More.

Installatie 'Make Jewish Babies' tijdens BMW festival 2008

THE SOUND OF SHADOW – 16 Projections in Space, 3 Movements in Time, 1 Silence, 2010

A splendid revival for the ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ in Amsterdam: 16 autonomous, especially commissioned (new) media art works are presented in a ‘symikony’, a carefully composed concert for images without sound. 5, 6 and 7 May 2010 in Het Machinegebouw and Het Ketelhuis (Westergasterrein).

THE SHADOW OF SILENCE (2’19”, 4:3) Daniëlle Davidson  

Where do the boundaries lay between the individual and the masses? What is the impact of the masses on the actions and thoughts of the individual? Does an individual, functioning in a given system, still have a choice? An urban environment (the ant heap of the city) is interesting; how is it possible that in the city, where many ‘cells’ are alive, loneliness is experienced? How does the city ‘flow’ ? In the streams of commuters travelling each day by tram and metro there is a particular system to be found.


GREEN FINGERS (Groene Vingers), Amstelpark, Chaos in Order, Daniëlle Davidson, 2009

The theme of this video project is Chaos in Order. I exhibited a video installation in combination with drawings. This was shown together with the work of four other artists in the Glazen Huis in the Amstelpark. Organized by ZET foundation

ART INTERVENTIONS, 2006. Artlink, Belgrade

In a three-day seminar and a two-week workshop, local and international scholars and artists attempted to understand the complex facets of the Majdanpek region in Belgrade by interacting with the public space and introducing imaginative changes within it. This resulted in site-specific interventions in the form of articles and spatial works. The workshop included 6 scholars and 15 artists. Artists from the Majdanpek region of Serbia collaborated with other international artists.


Duration; 2 hours in the evening Place; El Deam-street in Khartoum, Sudan Summary; The speed of life in El Deam Street captured by light. Project by; Nisren Abasher (SU), Jae-min Kim (KR), Danielle Davidson (NL)

Coming from Holland and Korea, we noticed that the pace of life in Sudan was different to ours; people walked in a slower rhythm, and the forms of transportation had different characteristics, speeds and appearances. We projected a light onto a wall, bringing together different ‘speeds’ of Sudanese life. Spectators watched how layers of the street were captured by light and projected, in shadows, onto the wall like a cinema screen. The people of El Deam helped with the preparations and during the projection people started to gather in front of the wall. Initially the work was about the various speeds on the street, but people started to experiment with the light and make their own choreography, attracting even more people to join in. A couple played football; playing with different sizes of shadows and people started to make the event their own and interact with music. During the evening the crowd grew. They stayed and the wall transformed into a theatre.

Publication about this project,

DONKEY DAY 14 – 02 – 07 Duration; 2 hours in the evening Place; behind the market of El Deam-street in Khartoum, Sudan Project by; Nisren Abasher (SU), Jae-min Kim (KR), Danielle Davidson (NL)

Donkey Day was an attempt to inspire a relationship of mutual respect between working donkeys and their owner’s. This took place behind El Deam street, a bustling market street – an environment that transformed by night. For this event owners washed their donkeys and decorated them with remnants of textile. The day took place on the 14th of February, 2007 on Valentine’s Day. There was food for both donkeys and people; it was a celebration. Owners were given the option to nominate the most beautiful donkey of the day. There was a first and a second place. The day could not have taken place, without the great co-operation of Ali, who worked with donkeys himself on El Deam Street. He was a point of contact amongst the donkey owners and helped prepare them and their donkeys. It was a successful day with the owners responding enthusiastically and the event developing and progressing late into the day.

Publication about this project, http://universes-in