A project of
What IIIF?


poetic practices of creation
and existence online


Poexistence – – poetic practices of creation and existence online

Poesistência – práticas poéticas de criação e existência online

About the project

The project “Poexistence – poetic practices of creation and online existence” is a partnership between Clarice Rito (Brazil) Catharine Cary (USA / France) and Daniëlle Davidson (Netherlands).

About the actions

Daniëlle, Clarice and Catharine are in regular contact through an umbrella international research organization that has been practicing and documenting improvisation since 2016. WHAT IIIF? Nowhere & Everywhere is an online improvisation jam gathering humans, trees and rocks, and skies and dirt, and spices and leaves and raindrops and rooftops. A held space where all is possible, where one joins without a commute, not even a hello, for 40 minutes of joy. 

AIteratively organic, and sharply attentive, we copy and echo in contagious times. Electrified in the small attentive world of Zoom, we are multiple and co-located in a poetic collaboration of sound and movement. There is a generosity in the work.

The aesthetic champions non synchronicity,  embraces the latency – what we hear and see may be cut, delayed, weird, or unintelligible, allowing space to open into the unknown and the audience’s imagination, WHAT IIIF? N & E is a low-tech space for the materiality of body and mind.



Clarice Rito


Catharine Cary

Daniëlle Davidson


About the project

There will be online improvisations in June 2021 that imagine new cities by creating a poetic connection between people in cities around the world. On Wednesdays, professional performers will improvise on 4 themes important to the liveliness of cities, then 4 days later we will open up the improvisation to public participants in Holland and Brazil to improvise their view of these 4 themes.   

The question of What IIIF?

What IIIF?, an international interdisciplinary improvisation research festival, asks the absurd question ” Can improvisation be documented?”

Would you like to read more about What IIIF? You can visit  https://www.genetic-choir.org/site/project/item/558/An-expandable-networked-universe-for-the-art-of-improvisation 

 VIDEOs of what IIIF? improvisations



Clarice Rito

ZARABATANA LAB CULTURAL is the name of the transdisciplinary producer / MEI (individual micro entrepreneur) of Clarice Rito, who in addition to developing an artistic production since 2009, provides diverse services in the cultural, educational and therapeutic fields. Regardless of the segment in which she works, Clarice’s work is always permeated by themes ranging from ecology to the poetry of materials, space and human relations.

Founded in 2018, the production company provided services for the educational program of CCBB-RJ, with the workshop “Cidades Levadas”. In 2019, he performed a performance in the program “Um berro, um whisurro”, at Parque Lage. In 2020, he was part of the “GEN” team, which performed a live improvisation, sponsored by the Medellín citizen culture secretariat; collaborated with “Varal de CI”, produced by Mucina – Aquela Que Dança; and started co-production of the weekly international event “NossaJam online”, of research by Contacto Improvisação (still in progress).


Catharine Cary

Catharine Cary is a performer at heart.  While her painting and drawings are featured in private collections and have been shown  in the offs of the FIAC, art basel/Miami and Art Chicago.

Catharine Cary was featured at the Venice Biennale 2011 for the installation WHISPER – a dress of silk organza sewn with 80 envelopes filled with essential elegant ephemera.

Catharine Cary is called  « la tagueuse élégante » as she dashes off repetitive euphoric texts on walls and windows, legally and illegally, and more and more frequently.

Catharine Cary is also « Instant Pudding »,  a platform for instant dance composition for museums and galleries or anywhere you don’t expect to see dance.   Most recent Puddings sited at the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada.

She has lived and worked in over 45 countries across 3 continents.

Daniëlle Davidson

Daniëlle Davidson is a visual artist. Her work was shown in several exhibitions and festivals. Through performances she works with other artists, musicians and performers. She often makes improvisations with others also international. She is part of the What IIIF? research netwerk. 

In her work she is fascinated by the concept of space; the natural space, the artificial space, the city, architecture and living spaces.

Through the means of painting, drawing and video, she explores spaces in transformation and how individuals interact with their surroundings. 

She is trained as an artist at Minerva Academie in Groningen and CCAC in San Francisco. She was awarded with the Dooyewaard stipend and a year’s stay in the Blaricum Artist in Residency programme. Daniëlle obtained her Master of Fine Arts at The Dutch Art Institute and trained as an art teacher at the HKU in Utrecht.

She directed the acclaimed documentary Make Jewish babies? This was broadcast a number of times on Dutch national TV by NPO and screened at numerous European film festivals. Daniëlle lives with her 3 children and partner in The Hague.