My work in public projects, workshops and as a cultural facilitator I always do next to my art practice. I see some coherence in this way of working. In my art I use society and the environment as inspiration. I also like to interact with this and to make a difference in another way. I like to be in contact with the people and to make a change.


Mijn werk in de openbare ruimte, het geven van workshops en het werk als cultureel ondernemer doe ik altijd naast mijn kunstenaarschap. Im mijn werk bekijk ik de samenleving en de omgeving, middels deze andere projecten ga ik er op een andere manier een verbinding mee aan en leer ik mens en omgeving beter kennen. En wanneer mogelijk help ik een ander graag vooruit. Graag help ik anderen goed te kijken, talenten te benutten en probeer ik hierin een verschil te maken.

Public Projects

On this page you can find socially engaged and collaborative projects that I have been involved in over the years.

Cultural facilitator

On this page you can find information about my work as a cultural facilitator for community projects, charities and foundations.

Underneed some project examples.


I have given various workshops and lessons on painting, film and animation for different institutes, museums and schools, such as; Cybersoek, Nowhere, Nieuwe Vide, Fonds Vitea, Kunstgras, and KunstPost. For an impression of these workshops see below.

THE SOUND OF SHADOW – 16 Projections in Space, 3 Movements in Time, 1 Silence, 2010

A splendid revival for the ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ in Amsterdam: 16 autonomous, especially commissioned (new) media art works are presented in a ‘symikony’, a carefully composed concert for images without sound. 5, 6 and 7 May 2010 in Het Machinegebouw and Het Ketelhuis (Westergasterrein).

THE SHADOW OF SILENCE (2’19”, 4:3) Daniëlle Davidson  

Where do the boundaries lay between the individual and the masses? What is the impact of the masses on the actions and thoughts of the individual? Does an individual, functioning in a given system, still have a choice? An urban environment (the ant heap of the city) is interesting; how is it possible that in the city, where many ‘cells’ are alive, loneliness is experienced? How does the city ‘flow’ ? In the streams of commuters travelling each day by tram and metro there is a particular system to be found.

[youtube N7PFwSe_Lqk nolink]


2014-2016 Involved with the NGO Vrolijk Werk

I was involved in setting up the social media, developing the strategy and fundraising for NGO Vrolijk Werk; a sustainable social workplace for design products made by woman. Please visit their site or Facebook page.

Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 06.26.36

Project leader and producer for digital instruction films for public libraries.

I developed 10 different video instructions with handouts on social media and online media for entrepreneurs. You can find them online!

MAKE JEWISH BABIES? at the Black Magic Woman Festival 2008, Installation Daniëlle Davidson

As research for her documentary film Make Jewish Babies? Daniëlle followed lectures on Jewish Philosophy at the UVA. These drawings where her lecture notes. She presented them in an installation at the Black Magic Woman Festival, where the work was nominated for The Black Magic Woman Award. The drawings were published as an inlay poster in her publication You Could Tell Me More.

Installatie 'Make Jewish Babies' tijdens BMW festival 2008


2011 – 2013 Project leader at ‘de Bibliotheek voor Ondernemers’  (The library for entrepreneurs)

For Cybersoek and the SIOB (now KB) I was the project leader of ‘de Bibliotheek voor Ondernemers’ (The Library for Entrepeneurs). Together with Heleen Snoep we set up the programme, made an online toolkit for the libraries and we gave workshops all over the country in collaboration with the PSO’s (local organisations). This project is ongoing and is now organized by the PSO’s and the KB.

2011-2013 Project leader at Cybersoek for Entrepreneurs, Amsterdam

This programme is ongoing at Cybersoek, Amsterdam, you can find their current programme here.

Duration; 2 hours in the evening Place; El Deam-street in Khartoum, Sudan Summary; The speed of life in El Deam Street captured by light. Project by; Nisren Abasher (SU), Jae-min Kim (KR), Danielle Davidson (NL)

Coming from Holland and Korea, we noticed that the pace of life in Sudan was different to ours; people walked in a slower rhythm, and the forms of transportation had different characteristics, speeds and appearances. We projected a light onto a wall, bringing together different ‘speeds’ of Sudanese life. Spectators watched how layers of the street were captured by light and projected, in shadows, onto the wall like a cinema screen. The people of El Deam helped with the preparations and during the projection people started to gather in front of the wall. Initially the work was about the various speeds on the street, but people started to experiment with the light and make their own choreography, attracting even more people to join in. A couple played football; playing with different sizes of shadows and people started to make the event their own and interact with music. During the evening the crowd grew. They stayed and the wall transformed into a theatre.

Publication about this project,

Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 15.53.43

2014 – 2015 project developer of PuntZuid, Buurthuis van de Toekomst,

(Community Centre for the Future), The Hague

Buurthuis van de Toekomst translates as Community Centre for the Future. This is a new meeting place for various activities such as yoga, breakdance, and more. As the project developer of “PuntZuid”, I was responsible for creating the concept of this meeting place and developing and organizing the content of the programme. For more information see 

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