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What IIIF?

What IIIF?

 10 to 10

 telematic Live edition
May 15th 10 to 10 CET TIME
On the themes of water and memory


WHAT “IIIF” you watched me on Saturday, May 15 ?

Telematic improvisation is when we use zoom to make art instead of marketing meetings.  WHAT IIIF? 10 to 10 is a telematic Live from 10 locations around the globe from 10 am in Amsterdam to 10 pm in Berlin.  Tune in anytime.



AT 20H Berlin time,  Exploratorium Berlin will host a layered performance weaving our telematic performances on ZOOM from Amsterdam, Guethary, Rio, Stuttgart, nomadic in the Netherlands, Wales, Manchester and somewhere in Italy, mixed with the TASWIR Atlas containing images from the entire day, fronted by 4 live performers. (photo Kamura Obscura and a tree and a clip of Titian)



Chris Parfitt (Wales)
Ulrike  Brand, Simon Rose, Ingo Ruelhke, Reinhard Gagel (Berlin
Shelley Owen, Henry Dougal McPherson, Connor Elliman (Manchester)
Esmeralda Detmers, Loes Rietkerk (Amsterdam)
Genetic Choir (Amsterdam and beyond), Chandana Sarma (Rotterdam, NL), Petra Pieck (Utrecht, NL), Thomas Johannsen (Amsterdam, NL), Jeannette Huizinga (Amsterdam, NL) Irene Rametta (Pisa, IT)
Danielle Davidson (nomadic in the Netherlands)
Oorcontact (Leiden)
Clarice Rito (Rio de Janeiro)
Emmanelle Pépin (Nice, France)
Tomasso Roland (Italy)
Shaghayegh Bagheri (Teheran)
SAAL FREI Plattform für Improvisationskunst (Stuttgart)
the PerformanceImprovisationGroup Instant
PIG//Stuttgart and guests:
performance and dance: Martina Gunkel, Alexandra Mahnke, Claudia Senoner, Lisa Thomas, Magda Agduelo, (Meltem Nil?)
music and sound: Oliver Prechtl
(piano, electronics and diverse instruments)  Kurt App (saxophone and others)
The question of What IIIF?
What IIIF?, an international interdisciplinary improvisation research festival, asks the absurd question ” Can improvisation be documented?”
Would you like to read more about What IIIF? You can visit  https://www.genetic-choir.org/site/project/item/558/An-expandable-networked-universe-for-the-art-of-improvisation 

On the 15th of May 2021 from 10 am Paris time

to 10 pm Berlin time

the collectiveness of 


(What?  International Interdisciplinary Improvisation?)

will continue it’s absurd pursuit



the question

Can improvisation be documented ? 

We like to do this, 

even if we know it’s absurd. 

Because improvisation is the creation and annihilation of

each moment

that leaves untraceable marks in the bodies and minds

and cells

of the participants

and the public

(and their friends)

and that’s enough. 

From Rio to Paris, from Wales to Berlin, every Wednesday since the first lockdown, WHAT IIIF? has met on Wednesdays to jam on line – to fill zoom with other things than marketing meetings and creating a poetic suspended space where latency is embraced and surprising concordances arrive.  Come watch anytime.  (photo Clarice Rito and Catharine Cary)

Watch live here from 4 am EST to 4 pm EST

 Thanks to the following institutions for their precious support :
 TASWIR ATLAS, Exploratorium Berlin, Galerie 54, Freie Tanz und Theater-Szene Stuttgart,  Genetic Choir,     SAALFREI.

 VIDEOs of earlier what IIIF? improvisations