– What IIIF? 2023 – 2 to 6 October – WORM Rotterdam –

Welcome to the sixth edition of the What IIIF? Festival to be held at WORM in Rotterdam from lunch on Monday, October 2nd to dinner on Friday, October 6th, 2023 !
This ongoing collective, interdisciplinary and international research festival is dedicated to answering the absurd question: Can improvisation be documented (and how should that be done)?
Of course we can record a performance or improvisation piece, but is that actually a helpful documentation of the processes at play? What if we want to understand the processes in order to improve the way we can work together improvisationally across disciplines?
WHAT IIIF? brings together International Interdisciplinary Improvisation artists/researchers from Europe and beyond. We focus on a subject for several days, and through labs, discussions, performances and observations, we ‘document’ improvisation practices on an interdisciplinary level. This work feeds and develops the open source website www.instantcomposition.com

After Amsterdam, London, Gothenburg, Berlin and our pandemic inspired online festival (still ongoing), Rotterdam 2023 will be the sixth research festival since 2017. Look here for an overview of previous editions. This time we will focus on:
What role does SPACE play in your improvisation practice and/or reflection?
What kind of questions, obsessions, fascinations, discomforts or troubles come up when you think about this theme?
Looking forward to hearing from you and possibly meeting you in October in Rotterdam!

Shelley Owen, Thomas Johannsen, Catharine Cary, Esmeralda Detmers, Daniëlle Davidson (The What IIIF? Organizing team 2023)

You can find the full information here> https://lnkd.in/esbhw4xw

Any questions? For now, Shelley is your point of contact:

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